Wolf Grey Natural 80% Jacob 20% Alpaca Blend


Introducing our Yorkshire Wolf Grey Wool: A Blend of Tradition and Luxury! Our 100% Wool DK, Aran and chunky yarns are a harmonious fusion of 80% Jacob Wool and 20% Alpaca Fleece, all lovingly sourced, sheared, and milled in the heart of Yorkshire. With the rich history of Jacob sheep and the gentle softness of alpaca, our yarn exudes character and charm. Craft with a piece of Yorkshire’s landscape, and let the story of our farm unfold in every stitch. This is more than yarn; it’s a timeless connection to tradition and the beauty of our countryside. 🧶


Introducing our exquisite blend of 100% Wool Yarn, where the softness of alpaca meets the rustic charm of Jacob sheep fleece. This yarn is a harmonious marriage of nature’s finest fibres, resulting in a textile masterpiece that combines luxury and tradition.

Our yarn begins with the finest fleece from Jacob sheep, known for its distinctive two-tone colouring and exceptional durability. Paired with the velvety softness of alpaca fibres, it creates a yarn that’s both warm and sumptuously smooth to the touch.

Crafted with care and expertise, each skein of our 100% Wool Yarn is a testament to our commitment to quality. Whether you’re knitting cozy blankets, crafting intricate sweaters, or creating delicate accessories, this yarn provides unparalleled warmth, texture, and character. The versatility of this blend shines through in its ability to capture the essence of both alpaca and Jacob sheep fleece. It’s perfect for creating garments and keepsakes that are not only beautiful but also inherently natural and sustainable.

Elevate your crafting projects to new heights with our 100% Wool Yarn, a blend that embraces the best of both worlds – the plush luxury of alpaca and the timeless charm of Jacob sheep fleece. Experience the joy of working with yarn that tells a story and embodies the essence of quality craftsmanship.

These wolf grey yarns are available as 100g hanks in DK, Aran and Single Chunky

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DK, Aran, Single Chunky

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