Pedigree Jacob 2 Horn Ewe (Nala)

Nala will be headed to the Worcester Jacob Sheep Society show and sale at the end of July. Lot number 5. Nala would make a great addition to anyone’s flock


    Nala is a friendly and gentle, 2 shear ewe. She has raised a lovely pair of good sized twins this year with no issues that were weaned at 12 weeks mid June.

    She is a homebred, registered pedigree ewe with the Jacob sheep society. Sired by Chestnut wheatsheaf with good breeding lines from the Moorhouse, Meadowland and Chestnut flocks. Nala lambed on her own with no assistance, has a good milk supply and excellent mothering instincts. She sells through no fault of her own, just a limited amount of grazing land on the farm forces sale.

    All our ewes are on the Heptavac P, Enzovax and Toxovax vaccination system. Ready for the summer, they have been sheared and had Clik Xtra applied in April. All our ewes are bucket trained and are used to having people around. At Hazeldene flock we do regular FEC and fluke tests rather than blanket worming.

    Nala would make a great addition to anyone’s flock.