Gardener’s Wool


Great for your garden in so many ways! Be eco-friendly and use wool instead of pesticides and plastic weed covers.


There’s always some wool left over that’s not good enough to go to the mill to be spun into our beautiful yarn. This wool is not wasted though!

Wool is an excellent weed suppressant, liner for hanging baskets and many say it’s a great slug repellent (still testing that theory). Having wool around your plants also helps keep moisture around the plant when the sun is shining and helps to keep the roots warm in winter. Best thing is there is no waste, the wool will naturally biodegrade around your plants and feed the soil as it breaks down.

The wool is unwashed and it varies in colour (black/white/brown). We fill a delivery bag full to the brim with 500g of our fleece. If you are looking for larger quantities of left over fleece, then please email us.