Damson Dreams 80% Jacob 20% Alpaca Blend Yarn


Step into heaven with our damson dreams yarn. These hand dyed hanks are a deep, royal shade of purple that will have heads turning with whatever you knit. To ensure this yarn is as soft and strong as possible for you, we have chosen the best wool from our sheep and alpacas. 

  • Small batch, hand dyed yarns
  • 80% jacob wool (shearling fleece) 20% alpaca fleece
  • Approx 100g hanks
  • Available in chunky and DK 


Elevate your crafting projects to new heights with our 100% Yorkshire Wool Yarns, a blend that embraces the best of both worlds – the plush luxury of alpaca and the timeless charm of Jacob sheep fleece. Experience the joy of working with yarn that tells a story and embodies the essence of quality craftsmanship.

Our hanks are:

  • Hand dyed in small batches. Dying onto the natural grey wool gives our yarns a distinctive depth and compliments those natural, earthy and moody tones that we like so much at Hazeldene Flock.
  • Soft but durable, allowing you to create wearable, long lasting garments.
  • All the wool has been carefully selected from our own flock at shearing time.
  • The wool is grown and processed into yarn in Yorkshire meaning it’s got low carbon miles compared to a lot of wools out there!
  • Eco-friendly. There’s no plastic in our yarn, it is 100% wool and biodegradable.

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DK, Single Chunky

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