Blueberry Pie 100% Jacob Wool Yarn


Looking for something special? Our hand dyed blueberry pie yarn is such a rich and delicious colour. To ensure this yarn is as soft and strong as possible for you, we have chosen the best wool from our sheep. 

  • Small batch, hand dyed yarns
  • 100% jacob wool, shearling 
  • Approx 100g hanks
  • Available in 4PLY and DK 


You may be thinking why us? Why are we different from other products out there? At Hazeldene farm you are able to trace all of our products from the source. The wool that you buy from our animals is carefully and responsibly processed; we pride ourselves in quality control to ensure only the best product is achieved.

Our customers are such a huge part of how we work and we thank you for helping us on our journey to keeping traditional crafts and natural materials alive and flourishing.

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4 Ply, DK

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